Tony Wang and CGI Lead

Tony Wang, the President of Three W International, is a member of Clinton Global Initiative Lead, who also served as the mentor for ViFlex in 2015. He was a key advisor at CGIU 2015 in Miami and at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York. 

Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators

"DISI provides pro-bono consulting and technology services for social organizations. We create interdisciplinary teams of Duke graduates and professionals from an array of disciplines and backgrounds, and help organizations tackle problems at the intersection of technology, business, and policy."

The Blessing Basket Project

"The Blessing Basket Project is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that believes the rural poor in developing countries are quite capable of pulling themselves out of poverty. We use a unique financial model which allows artisans to earn significantly higher than fair trade wages for their products for a given period of time. The artisan is free to steward that money however they wish. Most often they use the capital to create multiple small businesses. Those entrepreneurial endeavors result in several independent streams of income creating sustainable financial independence from our organization."

Rupununi Learners

"Rupununi Learners is a partnership of a US 501(c)3 and a nonprofit corporation owned by indigenous villagers in Yupukari, Guyana. Together they collaborate to improve the quality of life in Yupukari via sustainable social enterprise. Starting in 2005 with a few visitors, today Yupukari hosts a US-accredited Study Abroad semester, a gap program, undergraduate internships and researchers-in-residence, in addition to traditional ecotourists. This enterprise sustains a public library, ongoing wildlife research and indigenous knowledge preservation, while generating village-based jobs, feeder enterprises, and an exponential increase in the number of elementary students able to qualify for high school entrance."

Michelle Nahmad Design

Michelle Nahmad is a designer and illustrator who received her BFA in Communications Design and Art History, with a Global Studies Certificate, from Washington University in St. Louis. Her work ranges from establishing brand identities and developing logos to creating visual narratives across various platforms.