700 million people are unable to get the glasses they need

Over 700 million people in developing countries have vision loss that could be resolved with a pair of eyeglasses, resulting in more than $200 billion of lost economic output annually. We believe that everyone should have access to glasses that fit them and that they want to wear. That's why we are developing an innovative solution designed specifically to overcome the challenges of correcting vision in developing countries. 


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Traditional glasses cost too much, and there are too few optometrists to prescribe them


The WHO projects that untreated refractive error will pass HIV/AIDS in global disease burden by 2030, if the status quo persists. Glasses are a simple, effective means of reducing poverty, but they are inaccessible to large segments of the population. 



Glasses are a simple way to improve education, economic well-being, and quality-of-life


Providing glasses to those who need them can increase monthly income by 20%, creating an additional $100 per year for an individual earning less than $2 per day. For children with refractive error, a pair of glasses is the educational equivalent of an additional year in school. 



We believe that everyone should be able to access glasses that are customized to their needs


We believe in delivering more than just functionality. Our ambition is to create glasses that everyone can access and that anyone would want to wear. 



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